Hair Color Services

Single-Process Hair Color All Over Color

Single-process hair color (commonly referred to as all-over color) is a one-dimensional hair coloring process. Simply put it means coloring all of your hair in one hair color. This service is ideal for those looking to cover up gray hair or those seeking to go several shades lighter or darker than their natural hair color.

This hair color technique is also used in cases where a root touchup may be necessary.


Highlights are a classic and popular coloring method used to lighten strands of hair. In order to achieve this, foils are used to create dimensions and lighter shades in the hair, which can be subtle or more contrasting. This hair color method is perfect for those with darker-toned hair looking to brighten their look.

Partial Highlights & Mini-Highlights are a variation of the standard highlights, with the only variable being the amount of hair that is highlighted. A partial highlight is applied to roughly 50% of the hair while a mini is applied to roughly 25% of the hair.


An alternative method to adding dimensions to your hair is the lowlight color. Unlike the highlight, lowlights are achieved by adding darker shades to your base color. Strands of hair are dyed with darker tones which provides depth, volume, and a more natural look.


Balayage is another technique used to apply highlights to your hair. Unlike a traditional highlight color that uses foils, a balayage service involves your stylist performing a freehand color to the surface of your hair. This results in a more blended, soft, and natural effect.


The Ombre is a more dramatic hair dye method that results in a two-toned hair look. Typically, your stylist will gradually blend a darker root section into a lighter mid-section and ends. There are many colors, contrast, and patterns to consider when choosing an Ombre style!